Barndoor Effect

When shooting in a confined space, it would help us much to add the depth and balance to the shot by using light kit.

Certainly, we also can use other devices to obtain various image effects, for example using barndoor to target the light or honeycomb to make narrow beams. It all depends on what kind of effect and ambiance you want to create.

For above two photos, in order to eliminate the shadow, setting up two light heads from different directions is necessary. The sun light comes in from model's back, and thus making up enough light on model's front site is becoming important.

Barn doors don't give you a hard shadow edge because they are barn doors. They do it because they are part of a small light source. The only thing that matters in this regard is the size of the light source from the point of view of the subject so next time you are curious about this, just sit on the posing stool where your subject would be and look at your various light sources. It is their size from this point of view that controls the hardness or softness of the shadow edge.

Control devices like snoots, barn doors and grids each have a characteristic way of controlling the light exiting a studio flash unit. Photographers getting into the business have a great tendency to be constantly looking at all the new toys available to them that will undoubtedly make their photographs better.
In addition, we primarily use key light well to outstand the part of image which we want to convey to photo viewers and use fill light to adjust the proper shadow for creating the depth to this portrait.

The light we use is halogen light kit which has the feature of creating yellow light. Generally speaking, yellow light is suitable for shooting portrait.
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