Halogen Light with Softbox

We always love Softbox, for some reasons!

Sure you know how halogen lights providing the warm and low color temperature lights (which indicates around the 3200K). In addition, you aware that the continuous lights generated by halogens are much softer than those are created by flash and strobes. With a standard or beam adjustable halogen light, you could operate all your cameras and equipments with a convenience, and no manual function and adjustments are required. Furthermore, the Britek provides the halogen lights from 200 to 2000 watts, which are sufficient for and kinds of studio.

However, the continuous lights go directly to the subjects. It is somewhat harsh anyway and there are shadows out there. The Softbox diffuses the lights harmoniously with just a little decrease of brightness.
Let's have a check on the picture shown in this page. We have two Softbox being set in this room, and they are both in the left side of the gorgeous BLONDE and correspondent photographer of Britek. We know the lightness would be sufficient for any photographing. However, what we really care about are the perfect component and color rendering of this photo. Hence, the sets of Softbox are applied during the job. There are no irradiated or illuminated areas in the face of the blonde beauty.

Just have a look at the color of hair! Look at the skin of the Blonde! Fascinating!

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