Halogen with Fluorescent light

When it comes to shooting still images indoors or under conditions other than front-lighted ones, photoholics discuss the photography studio lighting equipments trying to make a perfect shot.

The first gear comes up to you might be the built-in flash on your 10MP digital camera while someone definitely would grumble about the dead white light shooting or poor angle of coverage. A bounce capability is mentioned because you might want an as smooth as you can see picture. Indeed, a bounce flash would be "OK" if you are just trying to shoot your puppy or 6-month-baby who doesn't even know what you are doing. What if it the girlfriend to be? Or something you plan to bid a record high price on eBay? Not to mention you shoot as a major income or a second job!
Let talk about commercial and portrait photography lighting, especially continuous ones.

I am not saying the reflector or umbrella covered with "Diamond" that Daddy bought from Target or any built-in flash lights. The equipment we are good at is professional photography lighting. And fluorescent and halogen lights are two major fields of lighting system. They are all continuous lights, though, making tremendous different effects from each other. If you are interested in topics about Kelvin Temperature Scale, just go check How To Choose in our website.

As you can see in the picture, we supplied two sets of continuous lights around the photographer and the model in this room.The front one is "HL2025 Light Bank" with a 24"x24" softbox and back to the rear is a photo umbrella attached to PE9040 Fluorescent light.
If a perfect picture is required, the overall exposure should be concerned. Furthermore, the different directions and angles of lights build different shapes and shadows for objects. Sometimes we need more side shadows to reinforce the shape of the model, bringing stronger contrast and highlights to audience, customers, or clients. However, sometimes a smooth, average like a day light exposure would be requested. You could choose different continuous lighting systems depends on the purposes of different projects.

In addition, a mirror trick can be applied while you shoot at your living room or studio. Establish a perfect lighting system by only two lights and one mirror just like what we showed in the picture aside. Front lighting gives the beauty a bright, smooth face, and the left rear one gave us the beautiful skin tone and perfect side body shape. As the mirror, the budget saver, it reflects the lights to the other side and you won have to set up 4-way photography studio lighting system.

Like it or not, the lighting is perfect!
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