1800w Focusable Halogen 3 Light Kit


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MFR Code: 1800BHK Britek
This focusable halogen lighting kit features one of the most innovative designs in halogen lighting sets. It gives photographers a powerful light for photo shooting and delivers a whole new shooting sensation that photographers have never experienced before.

The three halogen light banks put together house a total of 1800 watt adjustable lights, allowing photographers to manipulate the amount of luminosity onto certain areas. As the bulb moves away from the center of the reflector, the light becomes less condensed. The light becomes more condensed onto the area as the bulb is moved toward the center of the reflector. This halogen light is designed so that the photographer can avoid refocusing or repositioning the target every single time the target moves away from its original location. This brilliant and simple halogen light design makes shooting in the studio really fun and easy!
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1800BHK 1800w Focusable Halogen 3 Light Kit  
2055 650w Focusable Halogen Light 3 $269.97 
8061-1 bulb for 8061 Halogen Light 3 $44.97 
LT9308 Britek 8' Compact Studio Light Stand LT9308 3 $83.97 
3429S 32''x32''Softbox 2 $99.98 
2056 D180mm Barndoor 1 $32.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
3178-1 Large Carry Bag 1 $12.99 
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