3000w Halogen Light Kit with Boom


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MFR Code: 3000HKB Britek
The 3000W halogen lighting kit with Boom is brighter, projects further, and covers larger in space. This is the ultimate halogen lighting kit that we have experienced many photographers and videographers use it either in their home studio or in professional studios. The beauty of this halogen lighting kit is that it is equipped with a boom stand, which allows you to mount the third light either on the boom arm or disassemble the boom arm and place it on the third light stand. The HL8054 300/600 watt halogen light is so versatile that you can either use it as a hair light, or a back light. Again, advantage of continuous lighting kits over the strobe lighting kits is that it does not require the use of radio trigger when the third light is placed on the boom arm. When the strobe light is mounted on the boom arm, the sensor located on the back of the strobe may not be able to detect the external flash emitted from other strobe. As the result, the radio trigger must be used in order to complement this shortcoming. You would never have to worry about the same problem faced by people who use strobe. Halogen lighting kit is in the category of continuous lighting kit, producing what-you-see-is-what-you-get images!
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3000HKB 3000w Halogen Light Kit with Boom  
8047 1000w Halogen Light 3  
8047-1 bulb for 8047 Halogen Light 3  
8308new 8308 Compact Light Stand 2  
3429S 32''x32''Softbox 3  
2056 D180mm Barndoor 1  
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1  
3178-6 New Stand Carry Bag for 8308, 8408, 8508 1  
A4095B Heavy Duty A4095B Boom Stand 1  
Instant Savings 1  
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1.Dimension : 1'9"X 11.5"X 2.25" (53.3 cmx 29.2 cmx 5.7 cm)
2.Weight : 3.5 lbs
3.Diameter : 180mm

*Compactable with 8053,8055 ¢Öalogen Light
1.Dimension : 11.25"X 9."X 1.75" (28.5cmx 22.8cmx 4.4cm)
2.Weight : 1.4 lbs

*Compactable with 8053,8055 Helogen light
1.Dimension : 23"X 11"X 11.5" (58.4cmx 28cmx 29.2cm)
2.Weight : 1.5 lbs
1.Net weight : 1.5 lbs
2.Only for 4068 #308 Stand use only
1.Boom: 25mm 3 Section Pole.
2.Counter Weight: 1.5 kg.
3.Dismantled length: 67cm (2.2').
4.Assembled Length: 201cm (6.6').
5.Boom Head attachment: Type B. (5/8" stud with 1/4" thread).
6.Boom Weight: 3.5kg.
7.Boom Head Load Weight: 1.3kg.
8.Maximum Height: 11'
9.Minimum Height: 6'5"
1.output:1000w 3200k
Distance1.5m3m5m 10m55°
Flood 81112028730 183
1.6m 3.1m 5.2m10.4m
1.Dimension : 10.5"X 9.5"X 7.5" (31.7cmx 24.1cmx 19.0cm)2.Weight : 3.3 lbs3.Input : 120v or 240v 50/60hz4.Base : R7s5.Output : 100w 3200k
Net weight : 10 lbs
Max. load : 23 lbs
Max. extended height : 132"
Min. height : 44"
Diameter : 48"

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