Barndoor for HS600 140mm Series Strobe Light


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MFR Code: 3627 Britek
Barndoor is for controllable deep contrast and direct light source. It can be used as wide angle direct light when open up or a thin and concentrated light when it closed.
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3627 Barndoor for HS600 140mm Series Strobe Light $17.99 
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3610 140mm Reflector for HS, PS Series Strobe Light 1 $8.99 
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1.Dimension: 8.5"x 7.25"x 1.25" (21.6cm x18.4cm x3.2cm) 2.Weight: 1.3 lbs *Using 3627 Barndoor must be with 3708 or 3611 170mm Reflecor

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