400w Fluorescent Light kit w/ 32" Light Tent


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MFR Code: FK400T Linco
This light kit is ideal for website and small product photographs. The amateur photographers and online sellers can make professional looking digital images without hiring a professional photographer. The translucent white tent and flicker free fluorescent lights produce soft, even, daylight balanced illumination without the intense heat of tungsten or quartz lights.
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FK400T 400w Fluorescent Light kit w/ 32" Light Tent  
3245 PRO 500 Fluorescent Light Holder 2 $49.98 
4060 Back Light Stand (1'to 3'3'') 2 $31.98 
3503 80cm*80cm(32 Inch) Light Tent w/ 4 Color Muslins 1 $34.99 
PP171054 Photography Studio Daylight Bulb 2 $25.98 
Instant Savings 1 $-77.94 
Subtotal: $64.99
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